This section provides answers to questions related to the People aspect of implementing ITIL®.

Answers to ITIL® People Questions Last Modified
Where to download a free glossary of ITIL 4 2020-03-02
How to get people to log tickets 2020-02-28
Should everyone be allowed to create CIs 2020-02-17
Should we force everyone to manage to the SLA deadline 2019-03-25
Why are people not making ITIL a priority 2018-06-13
How to explain that following a process does not cause delays 2018-03-10
How much detail should people put in tickets 2018-03-10
Should everyone be allowed to log problems 2018-01-13
We need a simple Communication Plan that will be actioned 2017-10-12
When is a good time to create a RACI Matrix for it to be most useful 2017-10-09
Where can I find a RACI Matrix for the overall Service Lifecycle processes 2017-10-09
Who should log the RFC 2017-04-06
Do we need to consult the Union before implementing a new ITSM tool, SLAs or Client Satisfaction Surveys 2017-01-28
What are sample interview questions for a Configuration Management or CMDB consultant 2016-06-08
Do people need training if the ITSM tool is easy to learn 2016-06-08
What are the impacts when people are not following the process 2016-04-01
Do we need CIO support to succeed 2016-02-25
What does it mean to have CIO and management support 2016-02-16
How to increase attendance to the CAB meetings 2016-01-13
How to ensure that people attend training for the ITSM Tool 2015-12-02
What are the skills of a change manager 2015-11-01
What level should the Change Manager position be to have the authority to reject RFCs 2015-11-01
Does the change manager need technical skills and expertise 2015-11-01
Do I.T. People need user training for the ITSM tool and how to get them to attend (itSMF Service Matters - Issue 13 Sept. 2013).pdf 2015-06-20
What is another term for User 2015-04-28
How many Configuration Librarian(s) do we need 2015-04-12
How to deal with a team member that disrupt project meetings 2015-03-23
How to dedicate people when we’re struggling to manage our workload 2015-03-18
How to avoid people on projects from owning the project forever 2015-03-18
How to make people stop providing services IT does not offer 2014-05-21

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“When you provide people with the data, knowledge and mechanisms to change behaviours, they do.”
Source: "Taking control of electricity costs” by Mary Bitti, Financial Post · Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2010


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