How to dedicate people when we’re struggling to manage our workload

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The reality is that people go on vacation. They become sick, sometimes for a prolonged illness. Yet somehow, organizations manage during their absence. To dedicate resources to the ITIL project or a process improvement initiative, do as if they are on vacation for a month. Have them work offsite, otherwise they will not be on "vacation."

If you only have one location, have the people or team work from someone’s home or cottage. Rent a conference room from a hotel or your public library. At minimum, have them work from a location other than their desk, like a boardroom or an empty office. Do as if they are on "vacation." The challenge will be management's resolve not to allow anyone to contact the individual(s) as they are dedicated.

Another approacvh is to ensure that a star employee or the office hero is not dedicated to the project. They are so valuable that they are certainly goign to be redeployed to handle the next crisis or to the next higher priority initiative.

"Although everyone has to be involved in change, for some people, it has to be a full-time commitment." (Fast Forward: Organizational Change in 100 Days by Elspeth J. Murray, Peter R. Richardson, 2002)


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