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This section provides answers to questions related to the ITIL® Change Management Process without answers related to Standard Change.

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Answers to Change Management Questions (without Standard Change) Last Modified
Where to download a free glossary of ITIL 4 2020-03-02
Where to download a free ITIL v3 glossary of terms and abbreviations 2020-03-02
Do we need an RFC to resolve a break-fix incident 2020-03-02
Where to download a free introduction to ITIL v3 2020-02-28
How to get people to log tickets 2020-02-28
Is a bulk data load a change 2020-02-28
Should RFCs be logged when an undocumented or unauthorized change is discovered 2020-02-28
Should the incident be closed as soon as the RFC is logged 2020-02-28
Is a server reboot a change 2020-02-28
Should a process change go to the CAB 2018-02-14
What is a change 2017-12-06
How to manage unauthorized changes 2017-12-06
Should unauthorized changes have their own process 2017-10-03
Why approve a change that was already made 2017-10-03
Are changes approved or authorized 2017-05-06
How to continuously improve the ITIL Change Management Process 2017-05-06
What are the stages of maturity for the ITIL Change Management Process 2017-05-06
Do we need to log an RFC for a Standard Change 2017-05-06
Who should log the RFC 2017-04-06
How to increase attendance to the CAB meetings 2016-01-13
What are the skills of a change manager 2015-11-01
What is a quick way to implement Change Management 2015-11-01
What level should the Change Manager position be to have the authority to reject RFCs 2015-11-01
Does the change manager need technical skills and expertise 2015-11-01
How to reduce the number of emergency changes 2015-10-27
When should we log an RFC - Is it when IT gets the call 2015-02-17
Does an emergency change need an incident 2014-10-24
How does it work when an incident requires a change 2014-10-18
Do projects need to log RFCs 2014-09-26

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