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When to use a RACI Matrix
Where can I find a RACI Matrix for the overall Service Lifecycle processes
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ITIL Process Quotes
Where to download a free glossary of ITIL 4
How to get people to log tickets
How to manage the new ITSM tool once it goes live
Should everyone be allowed to create CIs
How many ITSM tool licenses do we need
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What level of details to include in a procedure
Should we force everyone to manage to the SLA deadline
Why every process flow-chart should have a swim-lane for the Service Desk
Should we wait for the reorg before improving our processes
Why are people not making ITIL a priority
How to explain that following a process does not cause delays
How much detail should people put in tickets
We need a strategy and roadmap to implement a CMDB
Is there a book to help us prepare our CMDB project plan
Should a process change go to the CAB
Should everyone be allowed to log problems
Is there a book to help us develop Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
We need a simple Communication Plan that will be actioned
Should unauthorized changes have their own process
A server decommissioning process is a low hanging fruit
Should we migrate old tickets to the new ITSM tool
Why spend effort documenting processes
Is there a book to help us get going with ServiceNow
Who should log the RFC
Do we need to consult the Union before implementing a new ITSM tool, SLAs or Client Satisfaction Surveys
How many categories do we need
How to simplify the approvals of service requests
Should we do a maturity assessment
We need categories to classify the cause of IT security incidents
How to come up with categories for our service requests
What are sample interview questions for a Configuration Management or CMDB consultant
Do people need training if the ITSM tool is easy to learn
What are the impacts when people are not following the process
Do we need CIO support to succeed
How to track issues and enhancements users have with the ITSM tool once it goes live
What does it mean to have CIO and management support
How to increase attendance to the CAB meetings
How to ensure that people attend training for the ITSM Tool
What are the skills of a change manager
What level should the Change Manager position be to have the authority to reject RFCs
Does the change manager need technical skills and expertise
Do I.T. People need user training for the ITSM tool and how to get them to attend (itSMF Service Matters - Issue 13 Sept. 2013).pdf
Who is responsible to administer the ITSM Tool after it goes live
What is another term for User
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In the midst of setting deficit projections and spending recommendations for the provincial government this year, Don Drummond who chairs a commission on the reform of Ontario’s public services made a key observation: “Almost every time a program was performing badly I could trace it back to the origin of the program. Whoever had implemented it had not really thought long and hard about what they wanted."
Source: http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2012/12/29/don_drummond_what_i_learned_about_planning.html%22 by Jennifer Wells December 29, 2012.

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