How to track issues and enhancements users have with the ITSM tool once it goes live

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During a project, stakeholders and users usually know where to report their issues. In addition, most tool implementation projects use an issue log or action register to manage issues and requirements or a defect or bug tracking tool is used.

This usually continues for some time after the tool is commissioned to production (i.e. go-live) in order to manage issues discovered during the warranty period and early life support1 . Then, it is usually discontinued when the project is closed. Unfortunately, at times this creates a void as users no longer know where to report issues.

Although this gap is a symptom of a lack of transition planning to operations, one approach is to instruct all users to log their ITSM tool related Incidents and Service Requests in the tool. An alternative is for users to contact the Service Desk for logging. Some may argue that people can log their own events since the Service Desk is not a notetaking service however, the advantage is that the Service Desk can also answer how-to questions and provide process guidance given that they quickly become power users as it is their primary work tool.

The benefits of using the "tool to manage the tool" are that it:

  1. Gathers data and statistics on the ITSM/ITIL® program
  2. Helps gauge resources required to support the tool
  3. Enables users to see the status of their request
  4. Sets user expectations since they can see the number of requests currently opened
  5. Builds a knowledge base on the ITSM Tool decreasing resolution times
  6. Tracks issues reported to the supplier and gathers data to evaluate and monitor performance against their SLA.

By using the tool to manage the tool the system administrators:

  • Experience the tool from a user perspective, leading to a better understanding of user requests and empathy as they may be experiencing similar difficulties
  • Learn the tool and build expert knowledge in its use resulting in more efficient and effective support
  • Pilot new features by using them before making them available to users.

Of course, don't forget to communicate this to all users. Inform them during their training, presentations and add a sentence or two in an email communiqué or newsletter announcing the new tool and to remind users to log their tool issues in the new tool.

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