Do people need training if the ITSM tool is easy to learn

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Often IT line managers resist sending their people to the ITSM Tool training. Their people are "techies" so they can figure this tool out. It is true if the training is only focused on technology. However, a successful implementation needs to consider people, process and technology.

Effective training explains the context as well as communicates the requirements and expectations. The context are the different situations and scenarios "when" the process should be used or not. Expectations and requirements communicates "what" needs to be done and "how" the tasks are to be accomplished in accordance to the business rules and policies while using the tool correctly to achieve the desired outcome.

In other words, tool training is simply teaching how to operate a car: start the car, accelerate, turn, stop, etc. Without understanding the rules of road, responsibilities of the car driver, the individual would not understand the process of driving a car on a city street or do so in a lawful way let alone pass a Motor Vehicle Exam to get their driver's license.

Thus, ITSM tool training is not only about the tool which most IT people can figure out on their own. ITSM tool training is primarily about the process otherwise, people cannot be expected to follow the process correctly if they have not been instructed to do so. Moreover, it is also an opportunity to review basic ITIL® concepts like Incident Management or Request Fulfillment since it should not be taken for granted that everyone have their ITIL® Foundation certification.

Last updated on: 2016-02-24

"No amount of technology can fix a people or process problem."

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