Users are calling our IT staff directly. How to get them to call the Service Desk instead

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To “teach” Users to contact the Service Desk instead of IT staff directly:

  1. Replace the IT staff's telephone number in the company directory with the telephone number of the Service Desk (I.e. Stop publishing their direct phone number or extension).
  2. Make it easy for Users to call/contact the Service Desk. Advertise the Service Desk telephone number, email address and web site. For example:
    • Have all IT staff use a standard template for their email signature that contains the Service Desk contact information instead of their direct telephone line and email address
    • Put stickers on all IT equipment with the Service Desk contact methods (including mobile devices, peripherals, etc.)
    • If your organization uses asset tags/bar codes, in addition to the sticker mentioned above, modify that tag to include the Service Desk contact information
    • After an onsite visit, IT staff could leave a generic business card stating that IT visited them, and that if they have additional questions to contact the Service Desk (the card can also have an area where the Incident or Service Request Reference number can be added)
    • When delivering a new desktop, laptop or mobile device install a custom background and/or screen saver that contains the Service Desk contact information
    • Install a shortcut on the desktop or home screen to a web page that lists how to contact the Service Desk
    • Add a one page of colored paper to new employees welcome package provided by the Human Resources or Personnel Department
  3. Promote the benefits to people of contacting the Service Desk. Take every opportunity to mention the benefit of contacting the Service Desk as a first point of contact. This includes:
    • Someone will answer the phone
    • The request will be handled faster since it will be handled by the most available staff.
  4. Instruct IT staff to provide service when contacted directly as well as to mention the benefits of contacting the Service Desk directly


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