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Should a Major Incident be declared if it was resolved automatically by the fail-over
We need categories to classify the cause of IT security incidents
How to come up with categories for our service requests
Should a service request be reopened or a new one logged
Should the incident be reopened or a new one logged
Why is the CMDB inaccurate
What are sample interview questions for a Configuration Management or CMDB consultant
Should we automatically import auto-discovered CIs in the CMDB
Who closes the Major Incident
We need a small-scale bite-size approach to populate the CMDB
How to increase attendance to the CAB meetings
What are the skills of a change manager
What is a quick way to implement Change Management
What level should the Change Manager position be to have the authority to reject RFCs
Does the change manager need technical skills and expertise
How to reduce the number of emergency changes
How to ensure that incidents and service requests are closed quickly when there is no SLA
How to automate the chasing of users to confirm that their incident or service request can be closed
Can we have a copy of your Service Catalogue and we will be done
What are good groupings for a Service Catalogue
Should the Service Desk be included in the Service Catalogue
What are 16 challenges when gathering information for a customer-facing Service Catalogue
How many Service Catalogs do we need
What is another term for User
Should the incident be reopened or a new one logged (itSMF Service Matters - Issue 18 April 2015).pdf
How many Configuration Librarian(s) do we need
Is there a standard we can use for the CMDB structure
Users are not getting back to us. How to avoid breaching our SLAs
When should we log an RFC - Is it when IT gets the call
Users are calling our IT staff directly. How to get them to call the Service Desk instead
People are confused between a normal and a standard change. What is another name for it
How to reduce the number of incidents caused by user training
Is a How-to an Incident or a Service Request
How to identify standard changes
How is a Standard Change Pre-Approved
Should Standard Change procedures be stored in the CMDB
What is the content of a standard change
How to implement Standard Changes
Why a process to maintain standard changes should be implemented
When is a standard change no longer a standard change
Is the Service Desk a service and should it be included in the Service Catalogue (itSMF Service Matters - Issue 17 Nov. 2014).pdf
The incident was resolved by replacing the hardware. Should the incident be kept open to manage the repair process
Does an emergency change need an incident
How does it work when an incident requires a change
What is a non IT example of Problem Management
The CIO wants Service Level Agreements. How to deliver on that request
We need SLAs. Should we start with Service Level Requirements
Should projects log Incidents and Problems
Do projects need to log RFCs
How to report consumption of services to customers
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